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so excited to release my first affirmation pack! .

as an independent artist/writer/creator it took me some time to realize that using words like "grind" and "hustle" were leaving me exhausted and depleted and not present for the people who mattered most.

somehow we've adopted a culture of pride around "hustling harder" but the truth is this often times leads to burnout and mental, emotional and spiritual fatigue.

i've since retired that language when it comes to my passion and life's work and make it a point to create and keep affirmations present that remind me to the ease of aligning and being in the flow.

i pray this pack reminds us to our power and firmly establishes in us a knowing that we can all attract abundance of any kind with ease. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

looking forward to sharing more packs soon!

these glossy coated vinyl stickers are available as a pack of 5 or separately.

my ancestors are proud
measures 3" x 1.9"

money flows to me easily
measures 1.7" x 2"

i trust my intuition
measures 2" x 1.8"

master manifestor
measures 3" x 1.9"

i choose love
measures 2" x 1.9"


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  • i trust my intuition
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  • my ancestors are proud
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