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sending love and light your way in this strange and wonderful time! 

thank u so much for your interest in my •affirmation face masks•

each one is handmade from my home in atlanta georgia where me and my 3 children have been self quarantined for close to 4 weeks now. the days are all kind of blurring together...lol.

we are using this time as an opportunity to further cultivate joy by embracing a slower pace life, one that allows us to be more present, more intentional and more resourceful. we are finding a sweet kind of wealth in intimate conversations, late night dance parties, bing watching netflix shows, and freestyle cypers. we are also giving thanks for the mercy of tacos, and rice and beans and slow cooked and cost affordable food that reminds us to our ancestors and their resilient way of life. 

there are indeed challenges to this time, as a single mama and full time artist, singer-songwriter, poet, facilitator who's work is centered on gathering together. yet we are taking comfort in the community we have and the one being built and we forever grateful for all the kindness being shown. 

this •affirmation face mask• is indeed an extension of my adornments, i am tending to the details as i would any of my creations. Im making prayers over each of these coverings, that they serve as a reminder to beauty and joy, and are a means of protection for each who receive it. 

please note: these masks are hand made one piece at a time, and there will be slight variations from one item to the next. no two will be alike. also if your order is delayed for any reason it is because there seems to be a shortage on elastic and black thread at most retail stores. if you would like you item shipped immediately with paracord ties instead of elastic please note this in the comment section upon checking out. 

also, if you have questions or would like to send me any thoughts, don't hesitate to text me at: 810.210.0520

continued love and ease embrace you and your family. may this time serve as a means to renew your relationships with the ones who matter most.ameen, ashe and so it is! 


•each mask comes with an opening in between the two fabrics to insert a surgical face mask (one surgical face mask will be included while supplies last)

•this mask is not to be replaced with a surgical face mask but meant to used in combination with a surgical face mask or similar option for the best protection. if u don’t have a surgical face mask you can insert an extra piece of fabric, a dried out wipe, or a coffee filter.

•each mask has a wire bar at the top around the nose, so it hugs your face a little more snug. 

• mask will be saged before packaged

•each mask comes with one surgical mask to insert. while supplies last. (you may resanitze the surgical face mask that is included, daily. so long as it is not soiled. heat your over to 160 degrees. lay the mask on a cookie sheet and put it in the center of the over for 30 minutes. reuse the next day.

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